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I’m an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. My lab's homepage can be found here.   I have appointments in the Departments of Cell & Systems Biology, Computer Science and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.  I'm part of the growing computational biology community in Toronto and I'm the Director of the collaborative graduate program in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics (a.k.a. the GBB).

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Undergraduate Teaching:

  • CSB435 “Regulatory Networks and Systems in Molecular Biology”. 
  • CSB349 “Eukaryotic gene expression”
  • I gave guest lectures on regulatory evolution for EEB461 (slides are here.)

Graduate Teaching:

  • CSB1000 Special topics in genomics: “The Hazelnut Blight Genome Project”. 
  • MMG1012H “Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning for biological analysis” a.ka "ML4bio" with Quaid Morris. For more information see the course website.
  • I gave guest lectures on regulatory evolution for MMG1016H (slides are here
  • I gave a guest lecture on HIV drug resistance evolution for John Parkinson (slides are here)
  • I gave a lecture on sequence motif analysis (slides are here)
My text book:
  • It's an introductory text book for graduate students in molecular biology
  • Taraneh designed the cover!
                                                  modeling and machine
                                                  learning for molecular

Other Links:

  • I am involved in the VEGI and SGRP sequencing projects
  • The edge has interesting discussion about science and culture.

My Background:
I was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Richard Durbin's group at the Sanger institute, and a graduate student in Mike Eisen’s lab at LBNL while doing my PhD in the Graduate Group in Biophysics at UC Berkeley.
In 2014-2015 I was on sabbatical at Caltech in Michael Elowitz's lab. Over the years I've worked with cool collaborators like Brenda Andrews, Yolanda Chong, Gianni Liti, Hunter Fraser, Jeff Wang, Len Pennacchio, Derek Chiang, Audrey Gasch and Dan Pollard. Before getting into research, I studied biophysics and astronomy at Columbia.

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