Please cite this paper if NLStradamus was useful for your studies:
Nguyen Ba AN, Pogoutse A, Provart N, Moses AM. NLStradamus: a simple Hidden Markov Model for nuclear localization signal prediction. BMC Bioinformatics. 2009 Jun 29;10(1):202.

The pubmed entry for this paper is found here.

- Program may resolve in an error if a large .fasta file is sent for prediction when images or graphics are desired. Please only use the table display when using large predictions. (>100 sequences)
- A standalone of the program is available here.
- Notice: NLStradamus is not a predictor of nuclear proteins; although better than random, it is a very poor classifier of nuclear proteins. Comparative approaches should be used for this problem. NLStradamus predicts NLSs in nuclear proteins that are transported by the import machinery of the cell.
- Click here for general help.

Prediction Request
Sequence Text Accepts :
- 1 protein sequence
- Multiple sequences in FASTA format.
File Upload Accepts .fasta, .txt, and soon .gz, .bz2 and .zip.
HMM state emission and transition frequencies.
Pre-loaded models      Those are the models based on our characterized sequences.
Prediction Type
Posterior Prediction Cutoff (]0,1])   
Prediction Display
Table A table that you can export with the start and stop positions of predicted NLS.
Image An image with the NLS boxed over a line representing the protein sequence.
Graphic Only applicable to posterior probability. A graphical representation of its distribution.

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