Readings in Genome Biology and Bioinformatics -- CSB 1482

Mondays 11 am – 1 pm

Location: Earth Sciences Centre, Room 3044

Topics and readings for 2018

Sept. 10: Whole genome duplication (Wolfe & Shields Nature 1997)

Sept. 17: A general stress response in yeast (Gasch et al. Mol. Biol. Cell. 2000)

Sept. 24: Conserved non-coding sequences in vertebrates (Woolfe et al. PloS Biol. 2005)

Oct. 1: Finding tissue-specific enhancers (Visel et al. Nature 2009)

Oct. 8: ***No class*** Thanksgiving

Oct. 15: Spatial proximity determines genetic relatedness of humans (Novembre et al. Nature 2008)

Oct. 22: Widespread bimodality in gene expression (Shalek et al. Nature 2013)

Oct. 29: Genome browsers (Kent et al. Genome Research 2002)

Nov. 5: ***No class*** Reading week

Nov. 12: Quantifying mRNA expression (Trapnell et al. Nat. Biotech. 2010)

Nov. 19: Gene set enrichment analysis (Subramanian et al. PNAS 2005) ***Earth Sciences 1014***

Nov. 26: Finding human miRNA targets (Lewis et al. Cell 2005)

Dec. 3: Clustering protein interactions (Bader & Hogue BMC Bioinf. 2003)

Dec. 6: Read mapping (Li & Durbin Genome Res. 2008) ***Earth Sciences 1014***


For various papers, students will be assigned to present one of a) context b) a figure c) a method or c) impact. A final assignment where students select a paper from the past 5 years and argue that it is "future classic" in genome biology and bioinformatics.