Moss growing on lava fields!


Here’s something I was kind of fascinated by in Iceland last summer. I’m not 100% sure what this moss is called (it might be Racomitrium canescens??), but you can see it all over the lava fields in the southern part of the island. Apparently there are 600 different species of moss (found mostly in the rainy south) and 700 species of lichen (mostly in the drier north), not to mention 2000 species of fungi. Iceland has pretty limited biodiversity but it’d be cool to look at how the species that do exist have been evolving on this tiny, isolated piece of land with its unique geology.


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  1. Gavin Douglas

    It’s really interesting where there are different colonies in the same place: the different species thrive in slightly different water conditions. You can tell which patches in a field are wettest based on which species you see

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