Yeast phylo HMM results

This webpage supports the following two papers. Please cite the relevant papers if our results were useful for your studies.

The main page is for this paper:

A. N. Nguyen Ba, B. J. Yeh, D. van Dyk, A. R. Davidson, B. J. Andrews, E. L. Weiss, A. M. Moses, Proteome-wide discovery of evolutionary conserved sequences in disordered regions. Sci. Signal. (2012) 5, rs1.

Its PubMed entry can be found here. ** New data from YGOB will soon be incorporated. **

The data and softwares for:

A. N. Nguyen Ba, B. Strome, J. J. Hua, J. Desmond, I. Gagnon-Arsenault, E. L. Weiss, C. R. Landry, A. M. Moses, Detecting functional divergence after gene duplication through evolutionary changes in posttranslational regulatory sequences. PLoS. Comp. Biol. (2014)
can also be found in the data page.

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Gene ID (eg. YMR179W) Gene Name (eg. SPT21) Score cutoff Regular expression