SMBE 2014 Day 4

It’s the end of day 4, and though we did not venture out for another round at El Hamburger, we’ve still managed to take a lot in.

On my left, Alex is in bed with a can of light Puerto Rican beer. On his left lays a sleepy Gavin.

One group of talks that really stood out today was the symposium on experimental evolution. One example included Gavin Sherlock’s talk on determining beneficial mutation rate through tracking thousands of yeast lineages. His group managed to do this by sequencing genetic barcodes attached to each strain. Another was Michael McDonald’s talk on how yeast adapt through sex, which sounds like really cool work in progress. It seems like experimental evolution is most helpful in determining evolutionary history and looking for parallel evolution – sequencing strains at each time-point shows so many beneficial mutations overtaking others that go extinct through the time-course of the experiment.

Since Alex and Gavin have now managed to fall asleep, we’re signing off for now!

– Taraneh

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